5 Secrets To Unleash Your Inner Writer

5 Secrets To Unleash Your Inner Writer

Some think that good writing skills depend on a talent, but usually, it takes a lot of work and practice to start writing well. Professional writing service may give you the best  custom paper, but remember, their writers also started somewhere. To write good isn’t impossible, it is just a metter of time and practice. However, this doesn’t mean that it’ll take ages before you start writing like a pro: you’ll be able to hone your skills much quicker if you follow our tips.

So, what do you need to do if you want to become a better writer?

1. Learn how to write.

Learn how to write

Even if you know grammar well, there still might be something for you to learn. If you want to write good pieces, you need to know all the grammar basics, to learn more about writing styles and techniques and to practice using them. Just like an artist needs to know all the anatomy basics before they develop their own style, a writer needs to understand how words work in order to improve their skills.

2. Learn from the best.

You probably have some writers, journalist or bloggers that inspire you. Instead of simply copying their writing style, try to dissect it. Find out what makes it so special, which are the things you like the most, which techniques they use, and so on. Then try to understand what exactly you need to do to write in a similar way.

It is possible to imitate their writing style too during the whole learning process: try to use the same techniques and see if it works. However, you have to remember that you’re doing this only to learn and that you’ll have to focus on developing your own style in the future rather than continue copying theirs.

3. Write quickly.

Some writers are so obsessed with perfection that it can take ages for them to finish a piece of work. Well, maybe it works well for skilled writers, but it won’t do any good if you’re a beginner, who’s trying to learn. If perfectionism is the thing that keeps you from finishing your works or makes the whole writing process last forever, you’ll have to fight it. Instead of spending a week writing one essay that is supposed to be perfect, write a few less perfect drafts of it. Yes, they’d probably be bad (the first drafts usually are), but that way you’ll have something to work with.

When you write a lot and don’t spend much time reflecting upon every sentence, your thoughts flow more freely and writing becomes easier. Moreover, this way you practice as you are actually writing something instead of thinking about it.

4. Edit, edit, edit.

Edit, edit, edit

Most of the best-written pieces weren’t actually written that way: it took a lot of editing to make them like that. You have to be the first and the harshest critic when it comes to your writing: re-read it and eliminate all the things that look unnecessary to you. Work hard to make the sentences shorter as they’ll look stronger this way, remove the paragraphs and metaphors you aren’t certain about, and so on.

5. Develop good writing habits.

Even small useful habits can improve your life greatly. So if you want to become a better writer, spend some time developing writing habits that’ll benefit you. Even if you add only one new habit every month, you’ll achieve amazing results by the end of the year.

These are habits that can help you improve your writing:

Write daily. The more you write, the better your skills become, so if it possible for you to spend at least 15 minutes a day on writing, do so. Even if you are very busy, you’d probably be able to spend such a small amount of time on writing. Moreover, who knows: maybe inspiration will strike and 15 minutes will turn into an hour or two of productive writing?

Finish your writing. A creative person can abandon old ideas because new ones appear, but it is important for a writer to be consistent in their work. After all, if you abandon every old idea not because you’re stuck, but because it seems less appealing, you probably won’t have anything finished at all!

Show your work to others. Yes, it’s scary, but necessary if you want to publish one day. A fresh look can help your story a lot: maybe readers will notice that some things are unclear or too complex to understand. If you are too shy to show your work to strangers, ask some friends to help you;

Read books. You need to see how other people write and how they tell a story – otherwise, you won’t be able to tell your own well. If a person doesn’t read much, it is noticeable in their writing: the sentences are poor, a structure is bad, and so on.

While writing is definitely a creative process, you can develop writing skill just like every other. However, it’ll require a lot of work and dedication. We wish you good luck!